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Yonkers Public Schools

Achieving Excellence Together

Family School 32
1 Montclair Place
Yonkers, New York 10710
Tel. 914 376-8595
Fax 914 376-8597
Dr. Michael Yazurlo
Susan V. Fierson
Michael Jacobs
Assistant Principal

Try Study Island

4th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades now have access to Study Island.
Usernames are your child's id number and they know the password.
If you are having trouble with the program contact the teachers for more information.
access it at:
Click on the study image below.

Our Dignity Act Liaison is Michael Jacobs 914 376-8595.

Click this symbol.

Student, Parents and Teachers - Try Safari Montage!

Safari Montage is  a wonderful resource with lots of educational
video clips, quizzes, blackline masters, audio, visual images.
Schoolhouse Rock Videos, Magic School Bus, Arthur Stories,
Disney shows like "Super Why" , Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland,
History Channel, PBS, Schlessenger, Khan's Academy, Science,
NASA and many more.  Common Core Standards are available
to find video clips that align with them.  There are also many videos in Spanish and other languages.  Some videos also have close captions.

To try it - click above or the side bar with the name "Safari Montage".  Download Safari Montage's Media player . Use Family School 32's
usual student computer log in , in order to get on to the program.  
Once in - click the letter "F" for Family School 32.
 Choose Family School 32.  Then begin searching for the video clips.
 There is a Tutorial button on the left hand side under the video screen.
 Any questions? Email Mrs. Haviland -
Have fun!

holday card 2014.wmv

Mission Statement

    Family School 32

Mission Statement

The mission of Family School 32 is to

educate all of our students in an enriched

and rigorous learning environment.  Our

goal is for all students to become lifelong

learners and reach their academic, social

and emotional potential.  In a spirit of

cooperation between parents, students,

teachers, staff and administrators,

excellence and success for all students

will become a reality.

 What's for breakfast?
           What's for lunch?

Parents- Need any school forms?

Click here.

Use Brain Pop at home- click the image below
Ask your child's teacher for the school code to use at home!

  We are so sorry the district no longer has First in Math.

Daily Buzzword

Monday, January 26
7th-8th ELA Mid-Term Assessment
Early Dismissal PrK-8 / No Afternoon PreK
Early Dismissal PrK-8 / No Afternoon PreK

  • Schools that normally dismiss at 2:15PM will dismiss at 1:30PM
  • Schools that normally dismiss at 3:15PM will dismiss at 2:30PM
  • 7th & 8th Graders at YMHS & Palisade Prep dismiss at 1:30PM
  • High School students taking afternoon regents must arrive at 11 AM. (change in time)
  • All after school activities cancelled, including sports.
Regents Exams
Tuesday, January 27
7th-8th Social Studies Mid-Term Assessment
Regents Exams
Schools Closed / Programs Canceled